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Program At - A - Glance


Our goal at EduGroove is to increase access to research broadly for all interested students, led by a team of academics and educators. Our aim is to create an education company that will inspire and transform the academic experiences of future generations of students.


EduGroove came into existence out of a desire to mobilize our academic networks in order to offer learning opportunities to students from around the world. As a company committed to cultivating multifaceted intelligence, EduGroove is excited to embark on a journey to transform education. 

Here's what we offer

The Admission Process







Acceptance &

Mentor Match

Program Overview

Students and mentors participate in six to ten one-on-one sessions for the Research Program. Besides regular assignments, students are assigned five Milestones in order to ensure they make steady progress on their project.

We know and celebrate the fact that EduGroove students will work on a wide variety of different products, ranging from podcasts to research papers to docuseries to creative portfolios. In order to accommodate the diversity of projects, these milestones are designed to be as flexible as possible.

The EduGroove admissions team evaluates students and projects based on their written applications and interview videos. Upon receiving their application, it will be sent to our mentors who are available to review it. Final approval of a project rests with the mentor. If a mentor accepts a student, the student will be admitted to the mentorship program to work with that mentor.

In addition to accepting their mentor, students will also enroll in the program at that time.

Below is the typical student journey based on 5 milestones and 10 sessions*


Session 1

Intro Session

Session 3

Abstract and Research Question

Session 4

1- Page Outline of Project Structure

Session 6

Draft of Half the Project

Session 9

First Draft of the entire project

Session 10

Final draft submission

*The program structure and the number of sessions are entirely determined by the mentor and will be according to the nature of your project.

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