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Many students think that research is done by people who are scholars, professionals working in labs, scientists, and other researchers. However, that is not true at all.


The role of research in today's world is crucial to ensuring that students are well-versed in certain concepts and are enthusiastic about exploring previously unexplored areas. 

EduGroove’s Research Program provides high school students with a unique opportunity to turn their passions into research projects and experience the real joy of learning through customized academic mentoring.


Would you describe yourself as an agile thinker and someone who is inquisitive by nature?

Do you dream of starting your own company, making an impact, and having autonomy, like many visionary high school students?

Yes, we heard you! We introduce to you an exclusive one-on-one Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program to help you nurture your creative thinking, problem-solving, networking and management skills and bring your ideas to life.

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