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At this fast-moving pace and expansion of digital usage byte by byte where we have so much information and alternatives available at a single click-it’s utterly impossible to decide which one is the best handpick to foster your growth and provide you mental diet. 

Now, it’s obvious the world isn’t going to slow down or be simplified- but you can take a wise decision! 

Through Edu-Talks we bring to you experts specialized in multifaced disciplines and their valuable vision to amplify your growth curve. 

Check out our previous Edu-Talks and get your today’s dose of serotonin!


Mr. Kartik Bajoria

Communication Skills

A Doon School, Hindu College & New York Film Academy Alumnus, Kartik Bajoria spent a decade in the Film & Television Industry in Mumbai working as a Writer, Director & Producer. He is a sought-after Speaker and is routinely invited to be part of various Education, Parenting & Culture related events, conferences & seminars.

Dr. Caroline Daniels


A Boston University, MIT Sloan & London Business school alumnus, Caroline Daniels has worked on the development of global business and technology strategies for numerous corporations like IBM, Apple, the Economist, Financial Times et al. She has written for the Economist, the Economist Intelligence Unit, the Financial Times, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, and has published several books on Globalization and Information Technology. Currently, she is a part of Babson College as a Senior Lecturer. 

Daniels Caroline-1.jpg

Mr. Shreyas Pardiwalla

Breaking Psychological Stereotypes

Shreyas Porus Pardiwalla is an actor, model, theatre director and a clinical psychologist who has worked predominantly in Bollywood. He was featured in Eros Now web series, Hindmata, looked at Holi, the festival of colors to break age-stereotypes around gender, race and sexuality. He is known for always standing up for the right causes, and raising voice against various forms of inequality and biasedness.

Ms. Varda Sardana

Finance & Technology

Ms. Varda Sardana is an Assistant Professor at SRCC, Delhi University. A keen reader and an avid researcher, Ms. Varda Sardana has a strong academic background, and her passion for teaching is well portrayed by her prior associations with various educational start-ups, Teach for India, and experience in online teaching over the past years. She has to her credit, chapters in edited books, papers in conference proceedings as well as Scopus-listed journals, and awards for best paper presentations. She has also presented her research at various National and International conferences. Her interest in this field is backed up by various certified courses undertaken by her on topics such as ‘Model Thinking’, ‘Bilingual Brain’ and ‘Social Psychology’.

Ms. Varda Sardana.jpg

Ms. Divita Aggarwal

Writing and Publishing

Divita Aggarwal, born and brought up in New Delhi, is a seventeen-year old high school student. She is an avid reader and finds the tendrils of her interest in psychology books, the subject she is also studying as part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. She also aims to deeply study the economy of India.
Along with pursuing her love for writing Divita has taken forward her dream of giving back to the society by starting an NGO ‘Wings’ with three of her batchmates.

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