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Our Mission

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Having faced the lack of ideal mentorship and encouragement to research and build startups in our high schools made us dive deep into the problem. No sooner did we realize that it was not just our problem but the pain point of millions of spirited students. That very moment led to the emergence of EduGroove, with just one mission- to inspire innovation and creation amongst the prolific youth across the globe. 

Henceforth we decided to bridge this gap and provide one on one mentorship to high school students and uplift Research and Entrepreneurship to bring the revolutionary ideas of young people to life. 

Our ideation didn’t stop there and neither did our desire to influence the development of students. We artlessly believe it’s important to acquire and polish industry-ready skills, get a hang of quintessential career catalysts and befriend in trend domains to carve out a space in the global market of your niche. Treading along the path of our belief, we also aim to bring in quality workshops, webinars, boot camps, etc to chisel your career. 

Like every impeccable initiative, EduGroove also started with an idea, an idea we believe could transform the face of our high-school students and solve future problems. EduGroove is exhilarated to be a companion in your journey of learning, originating, and impacting.


Engage High School students in a unique way to contribute to societal change, letting their creativity and confidence shine through research and entrepreneurship


Enlightening the audience and letting them widen their horizon outside their space through our intriguing Edu-Blogs and illuminating Edu-Talks


Creating long-lasting value and providing opportunities to learn relevant skills that match the needs of the fast-growing market

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